MoMa Store

I love this light fixture from the MoMa Store. I saw it in Real Simple and was so surprised that it was only $80! I used to love going in the MoMa Store (and the MoMa itself) while we lived it New York. It was so inspiring and just... so cool. Seeing a piece of art that you've seen in textbooks or in print and heard about all your adult life is nothing compared to going to the museum and seeing it in person! You can get up close and see every brush stroke and the depth the texture of the paint brings. Especially Van Gogh's stuff. It is WAY better in person! I really miss all the cultural stuff I used to do.

I bougth this garlic press at the MoMa Store (it doesn't work very well, but it is cool looking! And the stainless steel really takes the garlic smell off your hands when you rub it on your hands under running water.)

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Shanel said...

I love the light. I am just impressed you have a garlic press...I don't think I have ever bought garlic cloves in my life...I just get the not so great garlic salt!