Reasons Why I Miss New York #1

Every once in awhile I totally go through withdrawals for New York. Mostly I miss the food (surprise, surprise!!) and The Magnolia Bakery is totally on that list! Going there was definately a treat! Usually we would have to wait in a line that was out the door and around the corner just to get in! Even in the middle of February at 10:30 at night with wind and snow blowing! Magnolia is famous for the cupcakes..they are shown and eaten in several movies and TV shows. You can't go to New York without going to get a cupcake from Magnolia. Trust me. Totally worth every glorious calorie!

Find a good cupcake recipe from Magnolia here.


ashlynn said...

Have you tried Erin Dye's - they are really good as well & her bakery/cafe opens in March right here in St. G!

patrick&carly said...

I am so excited for their place! I can't wait to be a regular! Her cupcakes are delicious!