Sweet Baby

Our dear friends Ray and Jen Campbell just sent me some photos of Patrick and I with their newborn daughter Paisley from when we first met her back in August. It's amazing how much love you instantly have for someone so sweet and small that you've been waiting for. This was Patrick's first time being around a baby that was only hours old and she melted his heart! We love Ray and Jen and their little family of girls. They also have twins, Kailee and Adilei, that will be 2 in March. Jen is an amazing mother...how she does it all while staying sane, I will never know!

It's so fun for me to be an "Auntie" to all my cute friends' cuter babies! I love each one of their kids and am so grateful for their parenting examples for when I get the opportunity to be a parent!

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The Malie's said...

Wow, that's awesome that Pat actually held a small baby! I couldn't get Jake to do it until I was pregnant, and even then the baby was a month old or something. Good for you, Pat!