Where Have You Been All My Life?

I have been searching for cake stands this past week and finally fell in love with these from Clara French Ceramiques! Sigh.


Nic said...

Hey there,

You are one of my favorite people. Secretly, sometimes I wish I was you. How is Pat's new dig going? GDiapers? What will they think of next?? Did Janine have her baby yet? Finally saw nanny diaries last week.
Love your blog!

becky said...

Hey - about the salsa dancing . . . my friend teaches it on monday nights at the old gym at the college - upstairs. I went a couple mondays ago. He just does it for fun, so its pretty chill. But he is way good, used to compete and stuff. I think he does it every monday at 7pm. I'll find out for sure though.

patrick & carly said...

Becky~ Find out for sure because I think that would be so fun!!

The Malie's said...

LOVE those!!!