Anthropologie in Vegas

I almost forgot.... why didn't anyone tell me that Anthropologie was open at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas? ...and you just wait for me to find this out on my own? That store makes me so happy! All the books, stationary and housewares makes me salvate for the whole 3 hours I am in there. I should work there just for the discount...


Robyn said...

hey Carly, this robyn m from highschool. I definitely blog stalk you a little, but only because i love your posts! by the way, anthropologie with unlimited amounts of money is my idea of heaven....right now it is quite the opposite because i can't afford anything in there!

Jace H. said...

Just an FYI for you, my dear. Anthropologie has been in Vegas for years, just over at the Green Valley Resort. There is a very nice shopping area over there with some good eats, too.

Also, did you go to the new Town Center shopping at the south end of the strip? The best.

patrick & carly said...

In case you forgot, I didn't live out west for like 2 years. I was not aware of the store over in GV, either. Is it better than the Forum one? And no, we did not go to Town Center...is that the outlet one? I've been there before like 7 years ago and was not impressed, but if you say it is good, I would probably have to agree.

Jace H. said...

no. the town center place is brand new, like still opening stores new. let me list my favorites:

H&M (yes, that H&M, and its a real store unlike the one at Planet Hollywood)

I'm forgetting some.

Also, its been there since before you made the move to New York. Just to remove your silly excuses.

Also, still waiting for you to send me that thing you want screened.

patrick & carly said...

Jace, could you please give me directions to this glorious place you talk of! Why didn't I know about it? Things like that make me really mad. Is there a Borders there...? I remember driving past a Borders that I had never seen before... I'm glad to hear that about H&M. The other one at PH is l-a-m-e!

You know that JCrew opened an outlet at those outlet stores right off I15 at Sahara. It is right next to Diesel and Burberry.

And, I'll have you know that I have been to Vegas only like twice since I moved home from NY. So there.

And, I will be sending you 7 bags with some minor changes to the design for the annual girls trip that is coming up. =awesome

hilla said...

I too have been wanting to go to the Town Center, I have only very briefly purused... no serious shopping...yet. We should join forces. (Our husbands might object to that potentially detrimental to the budget plan, however.)
oh, and I also blog stock you! :)