Best V-Day of My Life!!

I've always thought Valentine's Day was lame, then comes yesterday! I was totally spoiled! Pat surprised me and had these beautiful tulips delivered to me at work. Then, he took me out for sushi (yum) and he gave me a gift certificate for a facial with the esthitician at his salon. Oh, and a small box of chocolates! Love that guy!! The best part is, he did trades with the florist and esthitician, so he didn't have to completely burst our budget! (Yeah for Dave Ramsey!)

What a wonderful day! I love my guy!!


Becky, yep said...

What a romantic! I got my usual..."Go buy yourself somethin' nice on me, Clark!" Valentine!

ashlynn said...

I love that when the flower delivery gal walked in you said, "those better be for me!"

Coby refuses to buy me flowers, I am too picky.