VDay Swap (that is totally late)

I signed up for a Valentines Day swap on Free People's blog and finally got my package out today! (I know, terrible of me!) I like this swap because it had to be handmade. My swap partner lives in Colorado. Her medium is paper and I got lot of cute paper-Valentineee stuff! Swaps are fun!

Anyway, this is what I made and sent out today. I mod-pogded the frame (thanks for the idea Michelle!) with some scrap book paper I had on hand and then embroidered the "Amore" and did a blanket stitch around the fabric heart. The best part, I already had everything and didn't have to buy a thing...other than the postage!!


The Malie's said...

How cute! I love doing swaps, they are so fun. Isn't the pic frame so easy? It makes me want to do more!

Becky, yep said...

Never would have had your great blog to lurk on! Thank god for swaps!

ps, that's darling

hilla said...

you're such a crafty little chicken!