What a Man

I have to take a second to gush about my husband! Love him! I love that he is a hairstylist! I was having a rotten hair day yesterday (and I had a headband on which always gives me a headache) so, he offered to do my hair. Nothing special, just a shiny glaze and a trim. He did spend extra time massaging my head while he was washing it. I am a lucky girl!

This picture is from when we spent the night up in Zion. It was so pretty!! And Pat no longer has the mullet. :( He chopped it off and now he looks smokin' HOT!! I love his hair long, I love it short, I love it when he grows a beard, I love his face clean-shaven... He can do no wrong!
After he did my hair, we stopped to get a smoothie. I ran into a friend I haven't seen in years... It was no coincidence! We were suppose to meet up! I love old friends with new ideas!


ashlynn said...

Cute. I wish Coby was a hairstylist I seem to have bad hair days every day lately. My hair is growing too fast.

Coby's little sister who does my hair is coming next week - yeah

Potter Family said...

Carly, You have to know that I adore Pat also. Not just for being a hair stylist but many things. It does help that I got to sit for two hours today and watch him teach a classroom full of students on some of the various techniques he knows when he cuts hair. I was impressed! And I got to be a model for him and get my haircut too. He really knows his stuff. And I LOVE my haircut!!! Thanks Patrick.
Love you guys,

Alesha said...

Such a great picture!

The Foster Fam said...

I would have to agree that you are pretty lucky. I get my haircut maybe once or twice a year..I know it's pathetic, but I haven't found anyone here in Oklahoma yet and I had one bad haircut it Oregon, so I don't take many chances. You always feel like a new person after a cut or a trim, so yes...I am jealous!