Baby Banner #2

I made this banner for Ashlynn's baby shower that was last night. First of all, this was the cutest baby shower I have ever been too. Jen and Lacey did an amazing job! They channeled their inner-Martha and had every single detail just absolutely flawless! The theme of "welcome the new little chick" was brilliant! Especially since Easter is this weekend! Go to Ashlynn's blog to see all the pics. What a fun party!


ashlynn said...

cutest banner ever - start selling them. we can get a good photo of mine if you want so you can list them on etsy ... custom. :)

Ashley H said...

I agree with Ashlynn. The banner is so cute! You are very talented.

Ray & Jen said...

I lalalalalove those cute little banners! VERY CUTE! You have a nack for it Carly!
Very cute!

The Malie's said...

I really love those banners you make. They are so cute! I want to be a good seamstress like you - can you teach me? :)