Daily Delight

So, I have been trying to look for something funny that happens everyday...if you look for it, you'll see it.

The other day, Pat and I were driving. It was a warm day, so the windows were down and we came to a stoplight and I happen to glance over at the car next to us. It was a smaller sedan and they had their windows down as well. All the seats were occupied even with a carseat in the middle in the back. The two girls in the back were munchin on some fried chicken while the baby (probably more like a toddler) was going to town eating a banana. It looked so funny and Pat and I just started cracking up! As we were driving away Pat yells, "Chicken and bananas!"

Is this as funny to anyone else as it is to me? Because who eats fried chicken while riding in the backseat?

Then, one day last week I was stopped behind a guy driving a brand new Mustang. It was a nice car (if you are into Mustangs) and it even had the paper-plates new. Picture a Mustang and the guy that should be driving it and he was totally spot on. He had the window down with his tattooed arm hanging out. He had on his sweet shades and chops growing down his face with his Metallica blaring. The best part was the carseat in the backseat...

This guy has a kid!?! Poor thing.

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Becky, yep said...

I love it! The mustang guy is MY Husband! Tattooed up and down...motorcycle drivin' dude with...yep...THREE kids! Still seems funny to me!