Mission: Blossom Branches

So, last night Pat and I very inconspicuously drove around town looking at (and then cutting) blossoms off people's trees. We had to be very sneaky in some places, but the end results are fantastic. I love the simplicity of blossoms in a vase. And the pink ones smell really good. I love this little green vase I bought recently. I looks like a pear. And the bottom pic is just an old glass bottle from a really, really yummy French sparkling lemonade drink that I used to buy while waiting for Pat to get out of school at this little French pastry shop that was across the street. (I've seen the drink at Target and Judd's here in SG.)


ashlynn said...

Funny I was just thinking of how I could do the same thing. We used to have a pretty blossom tree but now we have nothing.

Becky, yep said...

you naughty little theif!