Number 100!!

This is my 100th post... Wow, where has the time gone? :)

We had a very fast trip up north, but it was still fun. We did have fun at dinner with our friends Shayna and Jace and their spouses. Jace, thank you for that refreshing story about me. (Shanel, remind me to ask you if it is true because I don't remember it happening!) At least the food was good. I love Indian. Shayna gave me a heads up for a pretty hilarious website. Go here if you love unsensored celebrity gossip! After dinner, Pat and I found the little yogurt place everyone was talking about. Spoon Me. They serve only 3 flavors, natural, green tea, and some Brazilian berry that I don't even want to try to pronouce. And then you choose your toppings from a whole bunch of things. Pretty tasty. I loved my twist with strawberries, kiwi and dark chocolate chips. Although, I didn't feel like I was hip enough to be stepping in the doors to enjoy my froyo. Psha.

So, while I was waiting for Pat, I started reading Wicked and it is nothing like I expected it to be. Um... it's kinda scandalous. But, someone recommended it, so I'll give it a try. Then while we were at Anthropologie (my haven) I saw a book that I wish I would have bought, The Art of Being a Woman. There was this one quote that I absolutely loved... "Don't strive to be merely beautiful when you could be regal, adorable, marvelous, superb, captivating..." That is how I want to live my life as a woman! And not just on the outside. So much of being a woman is how we accept and love who we really are and to cherish and appreciate our quircks and differences. I did, however, buy a book called Creative Visualization that I started reading to Pat on the ride home. It reminds me alot of The Secret and how the Law of Attraction really does work. It's a good one.
I did try to make it to a yoga class, but there were not any classes offered at the times I was available. Boo. It has been almost a year since I have been to a bikram class. Bigger boo. There are three studios up north. I even tried to get to regular classes here and here, but their schedules just weren't working with mine. Hopefully next time!
And one last thing. I did find some really awesome things at Z Gallerie. Especially this coffee table. And some snakeprint coasters that are not on their website, but equally awesome.


Shanel said...

I want to know the story now! Sounds like fun. How is Shayna? I miss her so much...I haven't seen her since her bridal shower. Anyway call me ASAP!

Kelli Eudis said...

The art of being woman, I wonder if it's the same author who wrote the art of growing up (great little book also.) It talks about the beauty of growing older and what comes with it!