Ork Posters!

I ordered this poster for Pat for his birthday (like a month ago) and it just barely got here! All the same, it is freakin' sweet! I'm excited to frame it and put it up.
Our first apt. was right between the "D" and the "T" in "Midtown" and our second apt. was in the second "E" in "Chelsea".
I miss New York.


Jace H. said...

I hope you don't mind that I've ripped this off and am going to screen a canvas with this image. shhh, don't tell.

Since i'm already going to be making a screen, let me know if you want it on anything else.

Becky, yep said...

Part two in the "I Love New York" Series!

patrick & carly said...

I want this on a shirt. Up the back and maybe around the side! I totally want one of whatever you put it on.

Jace H. said...


My screen turned out beautifully! Best one ever, maybe. Buy a shirt that you want me to screen it on. Or a whatever.

patrick & carly said...

Nice! Love it! I'll give you a shirt when I see you this weekend! Pat will probably want one, too.