Strawberry Cake

I used this recipe to make a cake last night and it is super tasty! It uses fresh strawberries and who doesn't love strawberries? I feel like this recipe should be in Deceptively Delicious. It probably is... Maybe I should read all the dessert recipes in that cookbook, too.
Oh, and I totally burned my hand taking the stupid cake out of the oven. Ouch.


Shanel said...

Okay, that picture is Sprinkles cupcakes...the best cupcakes you will ever eat. Last year when we were in CA we got them. I am just waiting for an old employee of Sprinkles to spill the recipe for us!

patrick & carly said...

Shanel- That is the Sprikles' recipe. The owner was on Martha Stewart the other day and gave the strawberry recipe out. Seriously the best cake ever!!

Rachel said...

I my gosh! How I LOVE LOVE LOVE sprinkles cupcakes! I am going to make these RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing with us!

Becky, yep said...

I have matching oven burns right above both my thumbs, maybe because I'm all thumbs..whatever.

I'm always up for a good cupcake!