Thumbs Down

Sorry folks, but this eye cream is getting a thumbs down from me. I have been testing it out for about a month now and have not noticed any significant difference. I know I don't have wrinkles around my eyes, but I do have dark circles that I don't really like and want to have go away... right now.


ashlynn said...

have you tried the newest facial system from Enliven? I am in love with it. See if you can get some from your dad, if not I can probably get you some.

Lindsey said...

Eww, I hate my dark eye circles! You don't even have them Car, so that is probably why it's not workin! ha!

The Malie's said...

Jake used to work for the company that makes it and it only costs like $5 to make!!! I'm guessing you spent a lot more than that for it - what a rip off! And I agree, I don't think it really works. I put regular Strivectin on my stretch marks after I had Emmy (and during my pregnancy) - it didn't help reduce them and it didn't make them go away. Jake got products for free all the time so I still have some eye cream and regular Strivectin. Sometimes I still use it hoping it will magically work :)