Ava's Story...

I came across a blog yesterday and have not been able to stop thinking about what I read since. Please visit this site and read about Ava... I hope it touches you like it did me.


Mindi said...

i am such a crybaby when it comes to these things--tears streaming down my face makes it hard to type--thanks for that, though.

Robyn said...

ok, i am now trying not to cry at work. What a sad story!!! i am afraid that i am going to end up the most paranoid parent on the planet...oh well, maybe that is a good thing

Shanel said...

I came across this blog a couple of months ago and didn't stop crying for days.

Lindsey said...

Wow, I have been gone, and blog blocked for a bit so I didn't know you didn't have VIP access. (took care of that).
I love Perez, sadly.
You need to come watch the premier at my house in my theater room with me. Haven't seen it yet since I was away forever.
I would LOVE to pay you for a dress for my Gabber this summer!
You and Pat are DORKS!!! haha
I love Tazo teas!
I can't wait to go to 25 Main. We missed the soft opening :( piss!
I saw that blog too and became obsessed with it!

Becky, yep said...

Wow, that is brutal and beautiful! being a parent, it all just seems to heavy, so fragile, so much responsibility!

Babe said...

It's 12:30 in the afternoon and I'm glad I don't have my make-up on yet!! It makes you realize that you really can't take your eyes off your kids for a second!!

Cameron & Alicia Manning said...

Okay I have to say something, First off I love your blog it always leaves a smile on my face. Second I wasn't going to go to this sight but after looking at all the other pictures I went back and read it well part of It. I couldn't finish the rest, to scary!!!

Friday I had accidently locked Emma in the car with the keys and my purse and my phone windows up car off (In vegas this is huge) I panicked instantly!!!! I must have been so crazed I had frightened Emma and she began to cry! I had called my husband with the spare key and then the fire department to help! It was the longest time of my life!

Now this is huge in vegas commercials, posters, awareness month, I mean you get the message. It only takes 5 min. in the summer.

Luckily I had God on my side and good Samaritans to comfort a crying crazed lunatic beating her windows till they break.

It was over cast and a bit breezy. We did get her out and she was fine no problems what so ever just a confused and entertained little girl. I was such a reck for the rest of the week end and I still cry thinking about it.

All mothers should be aware of this blog. This was my experience I am so Blessed that I had a different out come!