My Little Sumo

Look at this little chunk of a monkey! He is already getting rolls on his legs and arms! I LOVE it! He is the cutest! On Saturday he will be 1 month old.

ps......while it's cute to be chubby when you are a baby, I'm not too fond of the double chin I sportin' in these pics:)


Emily said...

He is adorable. I bet he loves his aunt.

Lindsey said...

Um, who doesn't have a double chin when they are pressing their chin to their chest!? I'm pretty sure MINE turns into a "shneck" at that point! ;)

He is such a cute sumo chunk! His skin is so amazing!

Mindi said...

oh, sister--that chin is NOTHING!! i have photos of me with at least 4, yes FOUR chins that i cried big tears over. i agree with lindsey--when you are pressing your chin to your chest, all bets are off.

Graham and Kate said...

O.k. Miss New Yorker:
I've got a few questions for ya..
We want to plan a trip out to the city sometime this year, and I was wondering what you think is the best time of year ie: spring, summer, fall, winter?? I've always wanted to go at Christmas, but I also don't want to freeze! Also what airport is the best to fly into? I'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas on the subject! Thanks girl! :)

The Malie's said...

So sweet!!! And I think your double chin is just as cute as his ;)

hilla said...