New Driver's License

Awe... Agent Mulder. Miss you.

I had to travel out to BFE today to get a new driver's license since mine expired on my birthday last month. Oops. I went in expecting the worst and I gotta give it to the ladies out there. They were actually friendly. And I wasn't there for more than a hour. Wahoo! But, the thing that I am so disgusted about is that I lied about my weight, because, well, who doesn't? And even my fake weight is fatter than I want to be.

You can't see it, but I'm frowning.


Becky, yep said...


ps by the looks of you, there's not much to lie about!

patrick & carly said...

Well, if you would have known me about this time last year, you would know what I mean:)

Potter Family said...

Hey Carly, we all lie about it but not many of us admit that we lie about it!!

Mindi said...

lying about your weight on your driver's license is a mandatory law if you are a girl. what i want is a little photo shop action there available for a little extra charge to make you LOOK like that weight is not a stretch. i'd pay.