The Trip

We had a good time in Tucson, but it won't hurt my feelings if I never go back. Not exactly the most exciting place I have ever been. Too damn hot. And, surpisingly, I am not the one with the wicked sunburn. I bought the best sunscreen before we left. Love it. And it smells a-maz-ing. I got it here.

Classic. What did I marry!?!

My favorite part, aside from the yoga class I took and laying out at one of the nicest pools I have ever been to, was finding orange and grapefruit trees then totally trespassing and picking the fruit from the trees. I had never picked and eaten any citrus from a tree...they were delicious! I want to grow an orange tree here!

We did find two great restaurants...Oregano's a fun (and super busy) pizza place. And B-Line Restaurant, a great little cafe where everything is homemade. Both places were delish!

I finished reading two of the books I had going and started a third on our trip. Kabul Beauty School fills my need to learn about the Middle East. I am amazed at the life people live over there. Their customs and culture is so interesting to me. I will probably never go there, so reading about it is as close as it'll get for me.

My friend Hillary let me borrow The Reader... Not at all what I expected it, but very interesting... I loved the inner dialouge of the main character. He asked himself many questions as he matured that were very thought provoking. And I love reading about WWII and the Holocaust. The genocide of the Jews is so surreal to me and it seems impossible that humans could let that happen to one another. Overall, the book was far better than I thought it was going to be and I keep thinking about it since I have finished it.

On the way home, I started The God of Small Things. I'm having a hard time following it. Mostly because it seems like Random words will be Capitalized and I Spend most of my Time trying to figure out Why that certain word it capitalized. It is so Frustrating. Hopefully I will want to finish it.


Mindi said...

i've been needing a new read, so i am gonna check these out--
glad you had fun, but no more tuscon for you?? you are just on to bigger and better things!

Becky, yep said...

Welcome back! Glad you're not burned!

So...I'd go to the Middle east with you...we should do an all Bloggers trip...I'll see if I can order some Burka's in bulk, Costco maybe.

Graham and Kate said...

Hey.. I've been wanting to read Kabul Beauty School.. It's nice to hear from other normal people about books.. You never know on some of those recommendation lists.. Like "Pope-rah's list.. That's hilarious!

Cassidy Legg said...

Sounds like a fun trip. How did Nick do?

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