Wrap Me Up in Cashmere!

Dear Cashmere,

I love you.

The end.



Please, someone wrap me up in cashmere and throw me in a bed of cashmere and silk so I can hibernate. We will be best friends forever! Promise.

I will take any one of these from here....

I feel like this one might be borderline Golden Girls...
"...thank you for being a friend..."

And these pillows belong in my house! They are so cute!


Mindi said...

have you seen that seinfeld episode about cashmere??? so good!
i'll take one of each. and two each of the pillows--i heart them.

The Malie's said...

Oh, I LOVE the Eiffel Tower pillow - I think I need it! I have Eiffel Tower lamps in my bedroom. They will match!

hilla said...

I think the second dress is a bit too close to being the next picture on "don't showcha your cha cha." Vagina monologues anyone?
But yes, I do also love Cashmere, and love the blue dress (and pillows.)

Lesley said...

I love the Golden Girls! You made my day with that comment!