Destination Japan...

The MoMa store is featuring a new collection of Japanese lifestyle products. I love the Japanese mind! They seriously come up with the kewlest stuff! I love their attention to detail and making everyday items unique and pretty. My dad is headed over there on Monday and I have requested wrapping paper since I just used up the last of my stash from my sister's trip last fall.

These are some of my favorites in the new Moma collection... Warning: there is a bunch of stuff...

The Pattisserie Brooch. The brooches look surprisingly realistic, and are a celebration of the Japanese homage to the Parisian patisserie. Made of PVC, Swarovski crystals, and brass. So pretty.

The Macaroon Cassis Necklace. Using delectable desserts as the inspiration for his jewelry design, Wakamatsu re-interprets the scale and carefully reproduces items out of PVC and embellishes them with Swarovski crystals. I would totally wear this! I think it is hilarious!

The Kimono Bangle. Designer Kaori Sumi recycles high-quality, hand-crafted antique kimonos into fashionable modern products. Each a one-of-a-kind, these bangles make graceful, innovative use of salvaged kimonos. Made with acrylic resin. This is a stunning piece of jewelry! I love it!

Sushi Roll Cell Phone Strap. Awesome.

Maiko Get Well Soon Mask. A departure from the typical protective mask, this whimsical version has an ink-jet printed image of a maiko, a young geisha apprentice. You know when you see little old Asian men wearing masks walking around like it's nobody's business...now imagine he is wearing this mask!

Jelly Bean Eco Shopper Bag. This portable reusable bag, with a playful jellybean pattern, is an alternative to disposable paper or plastic shopping bags. It folds into a small square so it can be easily stored in a purse or pocket. The bag has an inner pocket and an outer zip pocket. Cute!

Duckbill Soy Sauce Dispenser. Designed for soy sauce or other condiments, this container has a spout shaped like a duckbill, which adds whimsy to your table. Doesn't it though!?

Pig Cooking Lid. Made of soft silicone with a pig face in the center, this multipurpose lid can be placed directly over ingredients in a pot to help them cook evenly, releasing steam through the pig's snout. It can also be used to cover food in the microwave, and as a grip to open lids. Dishwasher and microwave safe. That makes me feel good about myself and what I eat...you?

Chat Plates. Quirky and charming, these plates were designed to resemble conversation bubbles from manga, or Japanese comics. This set of three plates features one large plate and two smaller plates and is perfect for serving small meals and snacks. And I don't even like comic books!

Splash Dipping Bowls. A splash was the design inspiration for this dipping bowl set, which is ideal for serving sauces, with a rest for chopsticks. Made of porcelain. Hand-wash only. Set of three. This would be PERFECT for when we have goyza!


Nic said...

LOVE the kimono bracelet!
-answers: I'm going to try to see Jack. My mom is making me go to a tap workshop the whole time so we'll see... I hope. I had to buy word for my MAC and it came with 3 downloads but I'm going to use the last two. Sometimes you can borrow a company version from someone and download it, but with MACs it's hard to get. You may end up having to buy it like I did. You can get a semi descent student or teacher discount though. We want 900$/mo. for the condo but will go down for people we know. It's just easier to rent to normal people. Lake Powell in June???? Maybe Q will set up that palati machine I bought on QVC. Your blog is like the best home network shopping channel in the world!

Graham and Kate said...

oooh.. I want the pig lid.. It would definitely make me re-think what I'm eating.

P.S. I love that you always are showing fun products except that it makes me want them.. love hate relationship there. :)

Mindi said...

let me tell you what i would seriously buy: the cell phone sushi.
i am SOOOOOOO lame, but when it comes to little charms for my cell, i am a SUCKA.

Rachel said...

you always know about the collest things!