Paul Mitchell

I have always like PM products, but for some reason Pat doesn't (I think because you can buy it just about anywhere nowdays and he is totally against product lines that sell their stuff in the grocery store) so he hates buying them for me. I still use the PM hairspray that was introduced to me when it was cool to have wings. Anyway, I convinced Pat to get me this shampoo and conditioner yesterday while we were at the beauty supply store because it "smells like Aveda". I haven't used it yet, but am totally stoked to give it a try.

We also got Maggie some of the JPPet to see if the shampoo and leave-in conditioner will help her itchy skin. It smell really yummy! And I like that the girl working there told me that they test the product on humans instead of animals! That's brilliant.


Tiburon said...

i am all over anything that smells like Aveda but doesn't COST like Aveda!

hilla said...

Joe's mom uses only PM so we always have a plethora of it around. I actually talked to Pat about this while he did my hair. He told me its good, but kind of old school. My thoughts- when someone offers to stock me with free Aveda or other products, I'll make the switch. Here's to 1993! :)

ashlynn said...

anything mint is my best friend