Serena & Lilly

I love Ashlynn's baby sling...her baby just looks so cozy in it. So when I saw this sling in my Serena & Lily catalouge I decided this is the one I will get when I get pregnant. They have the CUTEST nursery stuff! I would love to do a nursery like this one...someday.... It just feels so open and light and happy:)


Graham and Kate said...

Love the neutrals. Plus it's not screaming "Hey look someone just threw up baby everywhere!"

hilla said...

Super cute. I could never get comfortable with my slings...maybe because I made them instead of purchasing them, but with your mad stitchery you should be selling them, not buying them.

Mindi said...

i must say, the slings have come a long way. i never used one cuz i couldn't get over the fact that only hippies used them in sweet tie-died fabrics when i was growing up. it's a different ballgame now.
love that nursery.

Ray & Jen said...

I love that sling! I'm with you on the want here. Hope you guys are well, haven't seen you in a little.
Love you guys,