What is on SJP's head? At the London premier... At least her dress is gorgeous!


Mindi said...

when i first saw it i was wondering if she was a who living down in whoville.

gotta love that sjp will take the fashion risks.
that movie looks tight

ashlynn said...

ok I thought this was something in the background ... you know bad photography. yikes

Becky, yep said...

Seriously is right! She can pull pretty much anything off...but That?!!?!
Too much!

So did you ever hear that SJP and Kim Catrel are rival enemies?!? it came out back in the day. I wonder if the Tabloids will do anything about that in the next few weeks....juicy!

Graham and Kate said...

Dear SJP-
You should probably leave the flower arrangement on the table where it belongs..
Sincerely yours


p.s. hot stuff at that!