More Hawaii Pictures

Here are some more pictures from Hawaii. I want to go back!!!!

Getting ready for the big day!The guys

Pat doing a little touch-up...
This is like the only picture of the two of us. Don't be surprised if you get a copy of it in our Christmas card this year!

More awesome jumping pictures! It was so fun!!
I love these two girls guts!!
My mom and her sister tried to do a jumping picture, but they suck at it!

The little family!

Malory and her baby

This was our beach. Our house was right behind those bushes on the right.

We just had to walk through that little path in between the bushes to be in our backyard.

Katy and mom

Some little girl was playing with her dog in the waves and he came over to say hi to my dad!

This was one of the views of the beach just down from the house.


hilla said...

gorgeous. i love that pat did your hair.

The Malie's said...

Beautiful! It makes me want to go there RIGHT NOW!!! By the way, Jake and I went to a movie last night and one of the previews was the X-Files movie! Yahoo!!!

The Morrisons... said...

That for sure makes me want to go back so bad! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

Graham and Kate said...

Beautiful beaches and beautiful people! Fun.. I think I'll join ya next time you go!

Becky, yep said...

It looks beautiful!
I love the pic of you and Pat! You're twinkling!

Babe said...

Jess told me all about it, and it sounds like you had so much fun!! And I agree with everyone else you girls are all so PRETTY!!! And Jess did excellent on the boquet!!