Is It Almost That Time Yet?

Is it almost time to bust out the winter clothes...? I wish it would get cold already! My favorite part about the cold is the clothes. Every year for like the last 4 years, I have wanted to get these boots, but Pat says no. He thinks they are too casual. Isn't that the whole point? I think these boots look so cute with a skirt and sweater. Probably I will try to convince him again this year that I should get a pair!


Graham and Kate said...

Oh my gosh.. We are truly are kindred spirits! I'm so ready for FALL! I hate how they bust out all of the school clothes at the beginning of July. It makes me want to wear sweaters, jackets, and boots.. Not possible in 100+ weather.. Uggh!

Hey when are we chartering our boat for Greece? I'm SO in! :)

Mindi said...

i think they are ultra-fab and if you've waited four years, THIS IS THE YEAR!!!! SEIZE THE DAY! CARPE DIEM!!!

plus you could wear them at work and be comfy yet stylish--the best combo!


I love those boots,so cute!!!

I don't know what to tell you about losing weight, I do run a lot, but I think that just cutting 500 calories out of your diet will help to, I think you look great, don't take this as me telling you you need to lose anything, but I have 15 to go and am having a hell of a time trying to do it! If you find the quick fix let me know! I used to write down everything I ate for a while, I lost when I did that to, but it is kind of a pain in the butt!!!

Good luck

Ray & Jen said...

I want these boots! They are super cute.

Alana said...

You have to buy these. My sister has some like them and I am sooo jealous!