Rian Rae

I just found the cutest website! Rain Rae. Such good stuff!

Love this chandelier!
And how bare this one is...awesome over my kitchen table!

This one reminds me of rain.
And here is this gorgeous thing!And then there is this one. It's pretty and all, but not worth the $10,000.
I love this Parisian globe. Everything is written in French! So cute!
Glass water bottle = brilliant and adorable!

How bad do you want to snuggle up with one of these throws?


Mindi said...

you've got great taste but i already knew that.

it was awesome seeing you for a bit today and snuggling up next to your busom---let's do that again, soon!

you rock!

hilla said...

Cute crap. Me likes.
You must check out this hilarious blog riddled with sarcasm and satire. It's a riot.
let me know what you think.

Graham and Kate said...

I love that top one.. So pretty!

Ray & Jen said...

very cute

Jace H. said...

so i don't know who you are, ms. hilla, but that is the damned funniest blog of my life. hope it holds up to repeated viewing.

Ray & Jen said...

You left a message about some earrings, you sure can buy them, that would be great!
Anytime you want them just let me know.


P.S. Thanks for leaving a message, it's kind of a new thing for me to do this, so I appreciate it.