If I Was in NYC Today...

I can't stop wishing I could eat at Rairaiken lately. The BEST ramen shop. Ever. Period. I really miss yummy food. It really was an authentic Japanese food resturaunt. Pat and I spent many a cold nights patienly waiting for a seat in the 14 seat shop to be able to slurp to our delight the delicious ramen. I always got the same thing (which is kinda unlike me) and never regretted it once! The menu isn't that big--how can it be...? Did you see the size of the place? And trust me, the pictures totally don't do it justice. Other than ramen, they offer curry that Pat loved and really good gyoza (potstickers). My brother introduced us to the place when he was living in the East Village and it quickly became one of our favorites.

I'm hungry. And in case you are wondering... Rairaiken is on 10th between 1st and 2nd.

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