Beautiful Cappuccino

Not that I am some novice coffee drinker, but I do like an occasional latte or so as long as there is a LOT of sugar in it. (I have an opinion on coffee and the WofW and if you want to know it, just ask.) Anyway, at 25 Main, we serve a variety of espresso and coffee drinks, so I have been learning alot about coffee from how and where the beans are grown, to grinding, tamping and pulling a beautiful shot of espresso. I find it so interesting.

Over on Martha's blog a couple of weeks ago, she met a barista who is an artist and his medium is coffee and milk. It is incredible. Look...

Barista artist Sammy Lin and me.

Sammy begins his creation by carefully spooning foamy milk.

He’s inspired by the pattern the foam makes.

With a steady hand, Sammy uses a wooden skewer to create images.

Unbelievably detailed and quite gorgeous! Almost too beautiful to drink, however, the cappuccino is unbelievably delicious!

Sammy at work behind a stack of clean cups.

The front of Bottega del Vino.

The cafe’s "shingle."

I agree... it is almost too beautiful to drink. How long before I learn to create that?

I miss NY.


Griffin said...

Wow that sure is amazing! I've never seen anything like it!

Mindi said...

i always want coffee to taste like hot chocolate--i am too big of a wuss.

so, do tell--what's your opinion? let's hear it, carly!!!!

The Malie's said...

Ok, that is just cool. Who knew coffee could be so artsy?

Carlyle said...

Car, do you know the main difference between a Mormon and a non-Mormon?

Why, its the temperature of their caffeine!

Love you.

Nic said...

People actually pay this guy to do this? And this whole time I've been going to college.

Alana said...

that is amazing.

Caralyn Brook Photographer said...

those are so cool! I love coffee so please tell me your opinion and ill adopt it today:)