Book Report #1

I just finished reading a very sad and educating book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. It is the story of his childhood in Sierra Leone and the civil war that he was forced to fight in starting at the age of 12. It talks about how he and his older brother were visiting another villiage about a day's walk away from their villiage when the fighting broke out. He and his brother were lost from their parents and eventually from each other never to see their family again. After a few years as a soldier, he and other children in his "troop" were rescued and sent to a rehabilitaion and then eventually introduced back into society. It was an agonizing and heartbreaking story. The worst part is knowing that this is happening in the world right now. Right now, while I am alive. That makes it so much more personal.

I am always up for a book swap, so if you want to borrow, let me know!


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Graham and Kate said...

O.k... first.. WTH? Congrats on your new friend from India! Good for you! ;)

Second! Me, I want to borrow it! I've been eying this one at Target for quite some time. So, if you don't already have any takers, I'm up for it! :)

Did you already read the host? If not, I've got it.