More H

Ok, don't be mad. I know it is like 3 months later... I finally downloaded my pics from Hawaii and wanted to post them for mi familia.

Waiting for everybody

Walking to breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe. I had Spam for the first time and LOVED it! Went back the next day for more. They also had delicious banana and coconut pancakes! Yum!

Mom and Jess waiting against the stop sign in front of the Hukilau Cafe.

Pat and Carly at the PCC

Bride & Groom

Carly & Jess

Daddy & Daughter

At the wedding. Wow. Seeing yourself in pictures you realize two things... "Damn, when did I get so fat?" And, "that dress is not very flattering on me..."


Lesley said...

Whatever! You are beautiful! Always has been...always will be! Thanks for the pics.

Mindi said...

i agree with lesley.

i'd do you.

yes, let's hang out. how is the twentyfive main action treatin' ya?

Rachel said...

You and your family are all gorgeous. Geez. Love those banana and coconut pancakes! If you still need help with caligraphy my bonus mom is awesome at it. Let me know


I think you look great, you look way pretty in yellow!!! What a pretty wedding!

Griffin said...

I had no idea you went for a wedding! And you look so beautiful!!

Mueller Ohana said...

Are you still eating spam now that your back on the mainland? Fry it up and put it in with Ramon noodles or rice, it is our family favorite:)