Fig Leaves

So I just got my new bras from this website and 2 out of the 3 were champs! I only had to return one. Lucky for me, I have had a professional fitting and know what size to buy. (As absurd of a size it is...) Anyway, I am considering buying more because of this incredible sale! 70% OFF! I'm not making this up!

Ballet-Definition-Definition double Molded bra


Mindi said...

i tried to click over to the website and it says server error--i was hoping it was bras for the bigger chested ladies.

what is it?

Graham and Kate said...

oooh la la.. I definitely won't be needing the bigger bra size, but good to know that they're are out there!

Also, are you still planning on going to that thing on Tuesday night? If so, may I tag along with ya? Just let me know.. thanks!

Nic said...

Thanks for the tip. I just bought 3. Not that you wanted to know... but I was in the market..

Lindsey said...

Nice boobies.
Hey I am not putting you off, (not that you'd care) BUT, I'm deciding to wait on the whole crown thing. I changed my mind and I'm gonna put it in Gab's new big girl room here in a few months. SO, I'll simply be callin on you later!! You're stoked, I'm sure!

Megan Andersen said...

Hey! Were you at Costco yesterday? If not well...you definitely have a twin in this town!! What a screamin' deal on bras...I have constant RT so I need a bit more material over the nippies. I'm going to check out that website for sure. Your blog is way cute...I love your posts. I need to learn how to download images off the internet. Anyway, just wanted to see how things were going...are you still working at 25 main?

Graham and Kate said...

Hey lady.. Will you email me your telephono number? Thanks!