Today is my first baby's birthday:) He is five! And I guess in dog years that makes him 35!! Max is hilarious. He has so much personality! I got Max when he was just a puppy for Patrick for Father's Day in 2004 from a Golden Retriever breeder up north somewhere...can't remember where. Anyway, Max was our baby for over a year until we decided to move to NYC. I was convinced that Max was coming with us to the city, but Patrick and his dad knew better. I wanted him to come for my own selfish reasons and didn't want to think of how it would be for Max to be cramped up in a tiny apartment alone while Pat and I were gone. He wouldn't have the space to run around like a big dog needs.

We left Max with Pat's parents when we moved. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest part of moving! Driving away in the Uhaul, I was a mess. I bawled and bawled for a good hour. There was no way to explain to him that it was better for him to stay and that he would be happier not coming. Max still lives at Pat's parents house. He loves it, too. I can tell. He still is so excited to see Pat and I every time we go over there.

He has become such a beautiful and silly dog:)


Alesha said...

Oh Max, Atta Boy!

Robyn said...

i cant imagine leaving my dog!! i am pretty sure i would feel like i lost a best friend and cry for weeks.....it is so nice that you found max such a good home