Passport Renewal

Patrick and I are getting our passports ready for a potential trip this fall. Patrick doesn't have one, and when I pulled mine out from my files, I realized that not only is it still in my maiden name, there are zero stamps in it. BOO. I haven't been out of the United States for more than 8 years. This fact makes me sad. I love to travel. Alot.


Fashionably Kate said...

If you're going to Greece, I'm going to slip in your bag! :)

We had to get passports a few years ago when we went to London. I was pissed because it my previous was one was only three years but it was in my maiden name. Boo..

{You could just book the trip under Carly Potter. They told me later that would be okay. I'd double check on that one now though.}

beck said...

Does that theatre really get shows you request? Let's do it! and make it a big fun girls night!

and I really liked Sunday's at Tiffany's. It was a surprisingly good love story. :) and set in NYC so you would be in heaven!