OH MY GOODNESS!!! Imagine my surprise when I checked my email today and saw that I won the Mayflower Giveaway on Design Mom! $150 bucks to Home Depot!!! Me! I won! Out of 1226 entries, this girl takes the cake!!

Yeah for free money!!! Thank you Design Mom, Mayflower and Home Depot!!


Fashionably Kate said...

No WAY! I always enter on hers, but she always has so many people entering. Congrats!

What will you do with your home depot card?

Fashionably Kate said...

Oh, and in regards to your comment..

your turn.. umm. you freaking lived in NYC for a year. WAY cooler than PHX {uggh.}

Oh, and as for the babies part.

I'm still in the club. I'll just be 7 hours away praying that not EVERYONE in my ward/neighborhood is to busy to hang out with me. {you know.. so busy.. "you wouldn't understand because you don't have kids-kind of busy." }

Ouch.. sorry I'm bitter. That's just what I've been getting from friends lately {in a subtle way..}

hilla said...

Get your butt to Vegas NOW!! Place a few bets for me with that kind of luck! Unreal!

ashlynn said...

sweetness - it feels good to win. I won on her blog once - I never enter now because so many do ... maybe I should try again.

Lindsey said...

Hi! Holy cow, new blog. Okay, now i'm up to speed. Your profile picture thingy on your comments is STUNNING!!! You are gorg! Rub it in that you can have wet (dog) beach hair and look great. I need a husband who is a shear genius too....
I used the vicks rub stuff on my kids, totally works. amazing eh?
Also, I want to see that movie, go with me.
Way to win some free money!
you always put the best stuff on your blog.