Finally. Here are a few pictures of some of the dresses I recently made and sold.

Black & White Apron Dress, size 2T

Primary Colors Apron Dress, size 2T

Japanese Pink Ruffle Dress, size 2T. I found this fabric in my mom's stash of Japanese fabrics. I love this fabric...it has a little stretch to it.

These last two dresses were made for sisters. Pink Apron Dress, size 2T. Brown Apron Dress, size 6.

I sell these custom dresses for $25-$30 depending on the size. Email me if you have any questions or would like to order carlykillpack{at}gmail.com.


Fashionably Kate said...

Girl... You are so talented!! I love them all!
Someday when I decide to make babies, I'm coming to you!! :)

amandaruth said...

Hey Carly-I linked to your blog from facebook. I have to say that I have always loved your sense of style, and now I can see that I love your taste of books, ideas, and home decor! Hope you are doing well!(amanda rogers)

Michelle M. said...

So adorable!!! I might need one of those soon . . . :)