A Handwritten Note (+Cute Bag)

I am that person that loves to receive letters, postcards, packages and such in the mail. Especially when it comes as a surprise. I like to send them out, too. I recently received a thank you note for a package I had sent to a friend who has been dealing with some serious stress in her life. It made me feel good to know that 1. my package made it to her safely (the USPS is not always the most reliable and trustworthy source for delivery. Most of my problems of expectant letters/packages that have mysteriously been "lost" have happened with the USPS, particularly in NYC.) and 2. I know that she knows that she has been in my thoughts and prayers lately and that she is a kind and special lady.

I just came across this book The Art of the Handwritten Note on Kate's Paperie (such a glorious and drool-worthy site) and I could completely relate to what the opening paragraph says...

"Writing by hand makes you look good on paper and feel good inside. Even an ordinary handwritten note is better than the best email, and a good handwritten note on the right occasion is a work of art. It says to the reader, 'You matter to me, I thought of you, I took the trouble on your behalf, here's who I am, I have been thinking of you in the days since this was mailed, I want to share with you the textures and colors and images that I like.' And that's just the unspoken messages..."

Awe. So now it's time to restock the cards and stationary:)

This purse was the surprise I sent up to my friend. I used the (free) buttercup bag pattern from Made by Rae and just enlarged it a bit. I found the original pattern to be make quite a small bag. More like a clutch. I added a zipper and one of my new labels. Yeah:) I love them!

*When I hung up our wedding photos I totally mis-measured and have a random nail between two of the pics that I don't want to pull out for fear that the empty hole will look worse than the nail. And I kinda don't care, but am happy it made for a good place to hang the purse for a photo op.


beck said...

the texts from last night is hilarious. and the from your momma one too! thanks! haha!

beck said...

whoops! wrote this on the wrong post! but I love the bag too! :)