Sunshine Kisses

(see flickr for more photos)

No, not freckles. I have plenty of those:) After reading this post on Boston Mamas about drying your clothes outside, I decided to give it a try.

When I was little, my mom always used our old clothesline that was out by the trees. I remember "helping" her by hiding behind the towels:) I know my mom loved using that clothesline and now I can understand why. Yesterday I used my drying rack outside. I didn't go out in the middle of the day, too hot...I waited until the day started to think about cooling off. When I gathered the clothes, the sun had set and the crickets were starting to chirp. It was just me, feeling content with being domestic:) I find so much satisfaction in cleaning, cooking, laundry...is that weird? Do you? But really, folding my fresh laundry outside was very relaxing. I didn't have the nagging worries that usually occupy my thoughts. Instead, I let my mind wander...don't ask me where it went, I don't remember. But I know I came inside more calm than when I went out.

Give it a try. Besides, it's better for the environment.

On another note, while searching for an image of clotheslines, I came across Simple Sparrow. While I don't know much about photography, I know what touches me and her work certainly did. Unfortunately (for me) Simple Sparrow is being closed, but Toni, the author will soon be starting a new blog about her family's adventures in Germany when they move in a few weeks. I will most certainly be following...


Fashionably Kate said...

I'm more relaxed just reading this!

My grandmother used to hang her sheets out to dry in the cool breeze of Cedar City. Oh, how I loved climbing into that crisp bed at night. They even smelled wonderful!!

I'm glad you feel content be domestic! It totally suits you!! :)

Ashley said...

I love laundry. I dream about hanging it outside. Too bad the desert has so much sand in the air.....can't leave anything outside for too long!