They are Here!!!

My calling cards came in the mail today! I am so excited! I have been sewing a bunch of stuff lately... and I haven't posted any pics of my stuff. Sorry. Coming soon, I promise! I Certainly need to! I have been selling some of my goods, so I ordered some labels to sew into my stuff as well as these cards. Yeah!

happygirlgreetings made my cards. She has beautiful ideas and creations! And she was a delight to work with:) And JennifersJewels made my labels. Also a delight to work with. I love supporting others on etsy! What a great site for all goods handmade!

I'll be posting more pics of all this fun stuff soon!


Fashionably Kate said...

So cute Carly!!!
Way to be a domestic diva. Get your stuff on Etsy, I want to see it!

Fashionably Kate said...

Oh, and I want one of those coin purses if you're selling them!

Fashionably Kate said...

WE LOVED the hangover.. {so dirty but, so funny!}

Ashley said...

love them! I need to have calling cards....i find myself writing on scrap paper for people!

hannah said...

i love them. cute. clean. vintage. i would totally call a person who had a card like that! ;)