Grace and Hitchcock

Once I finished reading Grace Kelly's biography, I was curious to see some of her movies she filmed before she was married.

We rented Dial M for Murder first. One of the 3 movies Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock worked on together. Let me just say that my husband does not care for old movies (and musicals)... he was not too excited to watch it. I promised him that if it sucked we could turn it off. But we loved it! It was engaging, interesting, beautifully shot, and (somewhat) suspenseful. Patrick like it so much next time we went to the video store we rented To Catch a Thief, another Hitchcock show.

I didn't like the plot as much on this one as on the last, but I did love the setting, the coast of the South of France, and Grace Kelly's character's wardrobe! Her clothing was perfect and made her look so stunning! I appreciated that Grace was able to play such a dazzling woman. Yes, I totally have a girl-crush on her:)

We still want to catch Rear Window. Hope I love it just as much as the others.

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Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Rear Window is so so good! I've never seen Dial M for Murder, though, so I'll have to catch that. I love almost all the Hitchcock films I've seen. (And my husband was similarly skeptical but ended up loving Hitchcock films, too!)