Labor Day Weekend

We stayed home this past holiday weekend with no big plans. It was nice. We did have a big BBQ on Monday with the world's best potato salad present. It is amazingly delicious. I'll have to post the recipe. There is a special ingredient in this recipe that I have never had in potato salad or would have ever thought to include. Check back later for that one:)

I started (and finished) a few projects that have been on my list of things to try...

This off-set square wrist pincushion came in handy as I worked on

this elephant. Isn't he cute!!

And I spent some quality time with these two babes.

This is Jayson's only cousin, Kailo. Kailo is the sweetest little guy. I get to babysit him once a week or so and I love it! He is so darling and adorable. He is 6 months old and learning how to crawl! Don't you love what his shirt says:) Lock up your daughters! For real because this guy is going to break some hearts! He was too interested in the camera so I couldn't get him to give me a smile with his dimples. He has the cutest dimples!

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