Mustache Mania

I'm sorry, but mustaches are hilarious! I love them!  Note this.  My husband always makes fun of me because I think Tom Selleck is hot! LOL!! Nothing better than a good nose mane!

For a my friend's daughter's 9th bday, I made her this "Mustache Mania" box with 9 different styles of staches! Once she opened it, we were all laughing so hard it hurt! Take a peek at these hilarious pictures...

The Stache Fam

Ms. W wearing the "Clark Gable"

S-man as "Charlie Chaplin" (not "Hitler")

Pat and S-man.  So cute!

I was thinking of using this pic for our Christmas card... what do you think?

I had to do a little research to make sure I get all the right styles and came across a few wonderful sites/photos! So funny!  Remember these...?

Ron Burgandy.  I feel like I have STDs from just looking at him!

Sam Elliot. Now that's a cowboy!

El Nacho Libre. So creepy.

And this rad guy!

Here are a few good sites, too.  Do you know of any I would love?
awesomemustache.com actually doesn't have anything to do with awesome mustaches.  lame.
And Movember is just around the corner!  Can't wait!  (Month of the mustache).

Have an iPhone?  Go here now and download the Stachetastic app.  Oh so awesome!

And I can't forget my favorite waiter at my favorite Italian restaurant in NYC.  He was rockin his hairy upper lip!

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Fashionably Kate said...

I LOVE the stache, and that picture of you two is hilarious!!