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Finally, I am starting to feel a little better, other than a nagging cough. I better be done being sick for awhile. I am so sick of having to stay in my bed. Although, I did get some knitting and embroidery worked on:) I have had a busy last couple of days, too. I am making my sister Kate's dress for her semi-formal prom which is tomorrow. I'll have pics later because it is the cutest thing ever! She is smokin hot in it! She is so cute, a burlap sack would look totally hot on her! And I had another order for some bean bags that I forgot to take pics of and wish I would have because the bag I made for all of them turned out darling! It's a keeper for sure!

Almost 2 weeks ago, Bon-dawg (mi madre), Patrick, Kate and I went to a seminar/book signing for Winn Claybaugh's new book Be Nice (Or Else!). Mr. Claybaugh is the founder and co-owner of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s school division, with more than 90 locations throughout the United States. He gave his seminar to the students of Paul Mitchell The School and since Kate just become a student (taking classes at night since she is still in HS), we were all invited (I think it was open to the public, too). With Patrick being the crazy-talented, super sexy hairstylist that he is, meeting Winn Claybaugh was so motivating for him. Winn is just the kind of mentor to help Patrick get to his goals of becoming a more prestigious stylist.

What a motivating, captivating, inspirational, sincere, funny man!! I certainly left his seminar a much better person! He gives one the desire to be kind, always, to everyone. There were many sub-themes throughout his speech, but the core of his message was being nice. Alot of what he talked about had to do with our professional lives, particularly in the hair/fashion industry, but certainly can and should apply in all the areas of our lives.

I took 4 pages of notes (in my darling new note book, lol!) and really have tried to apply things I learned. I especially liked his "Code of Conduct"...

1. Be on time. Always.
2. Always be in a great mood. (Fake it when necessary)
3. Come to work prepared.
4. Be informed. (Read all memos and information)
5. Gossip is not allowed.
6. Hold each other accountable.
7. Resolve all personal challenges with love.
8. Go to the decision maker with any apparent unsolvable challenges. Use the "Go in Asking" rule.
9. Be knowledgeable, literate and articulate.
10. Always "look the part" of an impeccable professional.
11. Be professional always.
12. Do not get personally involved with clients.
13. Personal lives remain personal.

He taught that as important it is to be nice to others, it starts with how nice we are to ourselves. He told us to "fall madly in love with yourself." To love yourself enough to stay away from people, places, ideas and thoughts that are toxic. Which is hard, especially if those people are family or those places are where you work. And while you can't always stay away from those people, it is so important to love yourself so their negativity doesn't engage you. And to remember that gossip is a form of verbal violence. Ouch.

I heard and learned things I certainly needed to hear. I love Mr. Claybaugh's attitude and philosophies. One of the last things I have written down is his advice to find people who want to play with you! Love it!


Alana said...

"love yourself so their negativity doesn't engage you." wow, that is one POWERFUL statement. I will be thinking about this. Thanks Carly.

Fashionably Kate said...

Seriously.. the love yourself advice is awesome. All of it is. Thank you for sharing!!

You're making a dress? Seriously, you continue to amaze me everyday! That's fantastic. Please put pics up!

oh, and I love the name Winn. If you wondering!

Fashionably Kate said...

Oh, and I apparently love the word "seriously.."

winnclaybaugh said...
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winnclaybaugh said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words about my book. You made my day and warmed my heart. But the most important thing for me was the fact that you are spreading the word and teaching others about this BE NICE easier way of life.

I am very honored, to say the least!

XOXO, Winn Claybaugh
Dean & Cofounder, Paul Mitchell Schools
Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)
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