Long Time

It's been awhile since I've posted.  I haven't been on any fabulous vacation (unfortunately) or actually done anything creative for a few weeks now.  I haven't touched my sewing machine since the end of September and now October is halfway gone.  I'm not exactly sure why.  I just haven't felt the creative motivation to make anything.  What have I been doing...?  I really can't say!  Although, I have read 5 books in the last 10 days...  hhhmmm...

I did find a few things around blogland that have got me ready to get back on track though...
Crafthope has a new project that I want to contribute to.  Quilts for homeless children in Michigan.  I love these ladies that organize these opportunities to give.  Thank you crafthope!!

Isn't this take-along quilt super cute!  Crafthope has the pattern here.  

A new-to-me site Frenchie & Flea is full of beautiful and inspiring everythings!!  They are currently offering a giveaway of their services of Creative Consultation and Custom Design for Etsy and/or bloggers.  One of the F&F authors just got married...  go watch the trailer for her wedding video.  You will be in awe at the beauty of this wedding!  I watched it back-to-back like 5 times!  

Off Frenchie & Flea, I came across UntamedPetals, an Etsy shop full of lovely and romantic things!  I love her use of pearls and rhinestones, like in this UntamedFascinator.  

Isn't that beautiful!?
From say YES! to hoboken, I found these great paper goods from paperwink.  I have really been loving all the vintage airmail stuff out there right now.  
the Airmail personalized notecard

and the Telegram notecard.

And finally, just go to this site, The Best Part.  You will like it.  

Ok, one more.  Are you familiar with the musician Philip Glass?  He composes beautiful music and has done work on many movies, including The Hours, The Illusionist and No Reservations and many other notable works.  I especially like the music from The Hours.  It's a little haunting, just like the movie.  On his site you can listen to selected music.

And Kate!  I went to the post office on Monday to mail your package, but it was Columbus day.  duh!!  Look for it soon though:)


nicola ticola ponders said...

5 books in 10 days - that's pretty impressive!!

I get that sometimes...where I just don't get round to doing anything creative, but then I get the bug and I can't be torn away from my sewing machine!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog to win $80 worth of jewelry! Anyone with a blog can enter :-)

nicola xx

Fashionably Kate said...

Oh hi there..

I was fearing that you lost your blogging momentum.

All of these places are wonderful new to me blogs/websites. Thanks for sharing!

So, wow... 5 books? What did you read?


Love the take along quilt! So glad you're back, Carly. You been missed:)