Old Eyeliner

This is gross.

I was cleaning out my 2 old make-up bags today so that I can put the bags to better use and found a really, really, really old eyeliner. Old as in before-I-was-married old. Why I still had it is beyond me. I haven't used that pencil since it was new. Who keeps the same unused eye pencil for almost a decade?

Anyway, I popped the lid off to look at it and instantly regretted it. There was mold growing on it!!! Yes, M-O-L-D!!

I almost ralphed.


Alana said...

What a lovely surprise!!!!
Love the truck with pumpkins, though.

Fashionably Kate said...



I didn't know that mold would be attracted to cosmetics. Interesting.

At any rate,

I have a few of those old make up bags that are full of un-used products tucked in the back of the drawer myself.


I'll have to check it out

Fashionably Kate said...


I received the best package in the mail today!!


Good picks on the books too! I haven't read any of them!

I'll get reading, and send them back along with something fun!