Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies


We cooked down our pumpkins and now have a freezer full of puree.  The first thing I made were these Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies.  I've never used fresh cranberry in a cookie before, it's always been craisins for me.  The cranberry is nice and tart next to the pumpkin flavor.  I melted down some chocolate chips and drizzled it over the cookies.  Very yummy!


The next item up to be baked is the most delicious pumpkin bread EVER!  Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread.  Try it.  It doesn't disappoint.  Do you have any pumpkin recipes I have to try?  I want to try a pasta with pumpkin...


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Hey, Trinette here ;) I make a great pumpkin zuchini bread every year from our garden. Here is the recipe: