Great Inventions

I was in the store the other day and wandered into the toy aisle to start getting excited about all the toys I want to get baby J for Christmas.  Awesomest re-design of a classic toy: The Self-Inflating Whoopee Cushion!!!!  No longer do you have to stop your prankster ways and fill the balloon up with air!  We all know how annoying that is.  Having to do so can make or break the joke.  I surprised myself by not buying it on the spot.

The bastards at Snuggie have now "invented" a Snuggie for Dogs.  I want to hurt those idiots.  And what is with the picture of the poodle just chillin in front of the TV like it's normal for a dog to be holding a remote and eating popcorn!  Why not do the picture right and put a bottle of beer in the animal's empty paw!?  Seriously?  Seriously.

p.s.  I know my dog wears clothes, but for a real reason.


Foster said...

What?! are you saying Maggie won't be sporting one of these? She is the best dressed dog I know, I thought for sure you would never keep this stylish classic from her.

Robyn said...

what, my dog does that all time! i dont know how your dog is not as talented! i totally hate those snuggie people though! who the HELL comes up with that CRAP!?

communikate. said...

Carly. I laughed out loud at the bastard comment. It's so true!!

{Annie N.} said...

LOL! I about was dying when I saw these in the stores. I think you should put pictures of your dog in clothes on the bloggy. It makes me smile.