My Thoughts Lately

A couple of nights ago, Patrick and I watched Food, Inc. About 15 minutes in, I was in tears. I was so angry I was crying! Let's just say that ignorance is NOT always bliss. Knowledge is power and I want to know more! I am disgusted and infuriated with the corporations who are disrespecting animals, farmers & workers, the environment and ME. I've come to the conclusion that in order to protect my family, I am going to have to become a farmer. I don't want my children eating all the disgusting things that are so common in the grocery store. What a dream it would be if everything that I put on my table was the result of my own labor, literally! While that isn't exactly feesible at the moment, I plan to plant a small backyard garden, shop farmer's markets, and buy organic on all I can.

So, my question... Do any of you know anyone who raises cows, pigs, chickens naturally and respectfully, that sells the meats, milk and eggs. I want to support local farmers or gardeners and am willing to pay the little extra it takes.

Hungry for Change has a blog and a suggested reading list. I have been wanting to read Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food for some time now and just ordered it from Amazon. Have you read it? Mr. Pollan is interviewed throughout the movie giving insight into how we can change our eating habits and health.

Please watch this movie! "You will never look at dinner the same again!" Oh, so true!!


Rachel said...

AMEN to that sista! I have been DYING to get a garden growing and I have ALWAYS wanted a farm. I know I am cool like that. haha.
I buy fruits and stuff out at Frei's Market ofcourse. We bought a whole cow and split it with my dad from a farmer up in cedar. Worth EVERY penny. My uncle has chickens and once they stop layin eggs they end up in the freezer. Chickens can actually make good pets if you get the right kind. Seriously!

Oh my heck I sound like I'm such a hick!

Alana said...

oh, i'm so scared to even click on that. i will enjoy my ignorance a few more mintues. but i agree, that's always been my dream- to be completely off the grid and able to sustain my self.