I'm not really sure what I have been doing these past few weeks.   I've been a little discouraged with my sewing... some of the last few projects I have attempted have not turned out the way I wanted {frowny face}.  As in, the scrunchy-gathered scarf.  The tutorial says it takes about 10 minutes and after 2 1/2 hours, I gave up.  I thought about it all that night and came up with some ideas on why it wasn't working for me (thread tension who-ha) and gave it another go the next day and again gave up after about an hour.  It's too bad because I have alot of knit fabric and elastic thread right now.

Then again, a lot of projects have turned out darling.  I did some work for a friend when her daughter had a birthday almost 2 weeks ago.  Turned out super cute!  After seeing the pics, I'm pretty sure that it was the raddest cake ever!  
This is the banner I made for the occasion.  I used a new-to-me font as the inspiration for the lettering.  Also, I hand-beaded(?) the flower on the end, just to give it a little sparkle.  

And the cupcake shirt turned out great, too.  A lot of hand-sewn tulle and detailed stitching on the applique and we were ready to party!

And also, I just got a little part-time job working at a quilting shop.  Let's Quilt is a place where you bring in your quilt tops and bottoms and use our Innova Long Arm Quilting Machines to machine quilt your quilt.  I am having so much fun!  I get so excited to go to "work"!  I have never been a quilter, but I have just started my first piecing project.  I hope to get it done and in the mail before Christmas.  I have quilted 3 quilts in the last 2 weeks... It seems that everyone's unfinished quilts are being pawned off to me to finish.  I totally don't mind...I need the practice.  I want to get really, really good:)  Seriously, you should come in and give it a try.  You can rent the machine for $15 an hour and get instant satisfaction with your skills of quilting.  It is so fun and totally addicting!!  Plus, you would get the added bonus of hanging out with me!

So, if you have any cool quilting-related anything, please send it my way!  I want to learn as much about this new obsession as I can!  

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Alesha said...

Car, seriously girl, you have raw talent, you are amazing! Awesome you are trying so many new projects!

Lindsey said...

LOVED my birthday stuff Car!!!! You did great and stella rocked the shirt.

Alicia Manning said...

I LOVE this! THey sell these at kids boutiques here in vegas for like 40 -60 bucks! Could you send me the link. I would love to make them for my little girls.