The Art of Racing in the Rain

Stop whatever it is that you are doing. You must read this book! It is fabulous and oh so delightful! Go. You can thank me later. And, if you want to borrow my copy, you have to wait until I finish it... again.


communikate. said...

ooh... i'll have to check it out.

p.s. i really do have all intentions of returning your books love. i just need to read them first!! soon though. very soon!

bethi said...

It was fun to see you two...even if it was a split second in the parking lot...( : I love your blog! and I Love your header!! (:

Melissa Hirschi said...

I love book recommendations! I'll have to order this immediately. :)

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communikate. said...

are you alive friend?

djzmcallister said...

The stuff for Lindsey looked so cute, when I have a girl I will be coming your way.

communikate. said...

just wanted to say i miss your face via blogging. :)

The Morrisons... said...

Hey Carly.

We stayed at the Marriott and Dana Point. It was so fun! Sorry it took forever to get back to you...just got internet hooked up at our new place.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

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